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During the early months of the COVID 19 pandemic, nurses and other frontline workers fought for patient and workplace safety at Allina Health’s United Hospital in St. Paul, MN. United responded by firing RN and union steward Cliff Willmeng. Help bring Cliff back to his job at United and defend frontline workers everywhere! 

 The facts:

  • On May 8, 2020, RN Cliff Willmeng was fired without a single patient care or attendance issue.

  • Prior to his termination, Willmeng was part of a growing number of nurses fighting to protect their patients, their coworkers, and their families from the increasingly dangerous working conditions and medical protocol driven by the COVID 19 pandemic. 

  • United frontline medical staff communicated their concerns to senior hospital administrators, filed OSHA workplace safety complaints, initiated their own safety protocols, and drove local and national media attention.  

  • After nurses’ attempts to compel Allina Health to address workplace and patient safety, Allina Health fired Cliff Willmeng for violating hospital uniform policy.

  • Following his termination, it appears that Allina also reported Willmeng to the Minnesota Board of Nursing, threatening his nursing license and his livelihood.

  • Cliff is a husband and father of two, a registered nurse for 13 years, and a union steward in the Minnesota Nurses Association. Allina used his termination to intimidate all frontline workers taking a stand for coworkers and the safety of the public they serve.  


We call on the Allina Health’s CEO Penny Wheeler, its Board of Directors, and United Hospital management to immediately reinstate Cliff Willmeng to his position in the emergency room of United Hospital. We further call for an end to the intimidation of and retaliation against frontline workers risking their health and their lives during a deadly pandemic. 

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How to help:

1. Sign and share the petition to reinstate Cliff

2. Contact Allina management and demand Cliff's reinstatement:


- CEO Penny Wheeler 


Phone: (612) 333-4822

Twitter: @PennyWheelerMD

- United Hospital President Sara Criger


Twitter: @UnitedHospital

Allina Vice President of HR Jim McGlade:


3. Donate to and promote our Defense Fund 

4. Pass the sample union/organizational resolution

5. Send letters of support to:

- Minnesota Nurses Association,

- Bring Back Cliff! campaign: