The Battle For Protection of Frontline Healthcare Workers and Our Patients

During the opening months of the COVID 19 pandemic, frontline healthcare workers at St Paul's United Hospital began to take measures to protect themselves, their families and the public they serve. The efforts were opposed by management, who among other positions they took, also insisted workers use their personal scrubs instead of the scrubs available at the hospital used by doctors, physician assistants and some nurses. 

This meant that nurses would have to bring the scrubs they worked in all day home to be washed, adding a potential source of infection to their families. Dozens of nurses refused to do this. Management responded with disciplinary measures, violation of union rights, and intimidation of the frontline workforce. Cliff WIllmeng, a union steward, husband,, father of two, and nurse of 13 years was fired during these efforts for workplace and patient safety. 

These battles played out in local and national media. Cliff's termination is the subject of a union grievance set to go to arbitration on January 7th and 8th of 2021 and a whistleblower lawsuit against Allina Health, the parent company of United Hospital. 

Click on the images throughout this page for news stories about the efforts of frontline healthcare workers at United Hospital. 

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