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As a steward myself it is shamefull to see and administration firing a employee as an example and used for intimidating purposes. This employee should be reinstated at once, with back pay and a public apology from the hospital. Once this case is grieved and won, the hospital administration should be reprimanded for their actions.

Bedside health care staff are being treated as expendable not essential!

Bring back our frontliner!

Bringing up safety concerns is not a reason to terminate someone's employment.

Cliff did the right thing for his co-workers and patients. PPE is fight covid-19.

"Cliff is a legend!
This is a disgrace!
Do better, Allina!"

Cliff is an AMAZING co-worker. I learned so much from working with Cliff. His kindness and generosity towards his patients is above the standard of care. This is erroneous and ridiculous.

Cliff is an awesome nurse. I have had the great pleasure of working with him for a few years here in Chicago. An he is a had worker, focused , smart an caring. It would be a complete shame to let him go. Nurses like him is very hard to find

Cliff is an excellent nurse. He cares deeply about the health of his patients and co-workers - obviously. Please let him return to work.

Cliff is an upstanding human and needs to be protection. Reinstate Cliff!

Cliff is dedicated to improving the lives of people around him whether in the workplace or in the community. We miss him in Colorado.

Cliff is one of the best Nurses i know


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