Strongest 2022 Contract

  • Hospitals to open financial books for MNA review

  • 5% annual raise for RNs

  • Fully funded and expanded pension

  • Public negotiations with online access for MNA members

  • Direct RN authority over practice and staffing decisions

  • Discuss master agreement with highest standards for all 23,000 MNA members


Organizing for Power

  • Paid, 8 hour union orientation for new members

  • Train, support, and utilize all 1200 Stewards to network and create reliable communications and address workplace issues promptly

  • Lateral organizing and networking from member to member 


Union Democracy

  • Allow membership to drive all areas of MNA functioning 

  • Improved MNA website with online trainings and access to Committee information, bylaws explanations, and transparency of MNA staff meetings 

  • No MNA staff member to be paid more than the highest earning MNA nurse 

  • Build direct relationships with patient communities to discuss needed facilities and access to health care

  • Commitment to open and fair debate throughout the membership 


Workplace and Patient Safety


  • State mandated nurse to patient ratios

  • Increased security 

  • Peer review of sentinel events and an end to punitive measures for member mistakes 


Fighting Racism with Solidarity

  • Promote nurses of color in all decision making roles of MNA

  • Anti-racist training for MNA stewards

  • Organize workplace support for nurses of color from white RNs across MNA

  • Address inequality and systemic racism throughout health care 

  • Align with communities of color to promote justice across the Midwest

Building Our Political Power

  • Political independence of MNA

  • Build influence through actions, organizing, and making connections with workers and

  • communities

  • End political donations to the Republican and Democratic parties 

  • Promote discussion and organizing of an independent worker’s political party

  • Begin discussion of what it would take to build a national strike of all frontline workers