Sample Union/Organizational Resolution

I.  WHEREAS, frontline workers in the United States continue to carry the

weight of serving the public in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic, and 


II. WHEREAS, healthcare workers, in particular, face extraordinary risks and

burdens providing care for those infected with COVID-19 and other patients, and


III. WHEREAS, corporations and government have failed thus far to provide all of

the basic PPE, resources, education and support needed for frontline workers and

the public to take on COVID-19, and


IV. WHEREAS, Cliff Willmeng an Emergency Room nurse at St. Paul United Hospital

and elected member of the Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA) union Board of

Directors, was fired on May 8th for advocating for safety, publicizing unsafe conditions and continuing to use hospital-issued and laundered scrubs (considered safer protection for nurses), and had absolutely no patient care, attendance, or other work issues, and 


V. Whereas, the termination of Brother Willmeng represents an attack on the rights and safety of healthcare workers, union activists, and public safety whistleblowers, 


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That this union/organization shall:


1. Send letters/messages of protest to

- Allina CEO Penny Wheeler, President of United Hospital Sara Criger and HR departments of United Hospital, (See contact information below)

- St Paul City Council  

- the Ramsey County Commissioners

2. Send letters/messages of solidarity to

- The Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA)

- The "Bring Back Cliff campaign"


3. Participate in any coordinated phone zaps and/or social distant rallies of support


4. Publicize this injustice and the "Bring Back Cliff" campaign




August 10, 2020 StarTribune article: United Hospital faces lawsuit over safety after firing ER nurse


May 11, 2020 WCCO story: Nurse Fired From United Hospital Continues Fight Over Hospital-Issued Scrubs

Alina CEO Penny Wheeler


Phone: (612) 333-4822

Twitter: @PennyWheelerMD

- United Hospital President Sara Criger


Twitter: @UnitedHospital

Allina Vice President of HR Jim McGlade:



St Paul City Council