Building a Powerful MNA Steward Network

Stewards are the most important frontline representatives for unions. Utilized properly a steward core can serve as a organizing and communication network, an educational team, and the foundation of defense for MNA members across entire hospital systems. Stewards are the first line protection for union members and, as frontline workers, can be the most informed and connected individuals in MNA facilities.   


MNA currently has over 1200 stewards that could be used to build on the most important strength of any union – The collective and mobilized power of our membership. With proper training, support, and encouragement our stewards could move from a relatively static role in union activity to the front and center. Building from small member unit upward, we could open lines of communication and facilitate MNA members to direct involvement in articulating problems and building solutions together. 


This is one of the most important ways to build for the critical 2022 contract negotiations. With a member-lead union, an organization network of trained and empowered union stewards we can maximize our collective strength and create the most powerful protections for MNA members. 

Steward Resources